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05 Free Salary Certificate Templates

Download these 05 Free Salary Certificate Templates in MS Word format to assist you in designing and preparing your very own Salary Certificate easily. You can also download Employment Certificate Templates and Internship Certificate Templates.

There are certain situations and scenarios where someone needs to provide some sort of evidence that he is working as a permanent employee and he is earning a good amount every month. Such scenarios include applying for a loan, home mortgage, automobile lease, credit card request, renting an apartment, or for tax return purposes. If you are asked by someone to provide evidence of your employment, you should ask your employer or HR department to issue you a salary certificate. A salary certificate is a detailed pay slip or salary slip that is printed on the letterhead of your organization and it’s signed by an authorized person to make it official.

Importance of Salary Certificate:

When you are dealing with someone who doesn’t know you or has any previous connections with you, it’s obvious that they will be reluctant to trust you. Instead, they will ask you to provide something to make the relationship work i.e. any insurance or gesture of trust. The most common scenario where an individual might be asked to provide this salary certificate is when he is renting a place i.e. an apartment and before letting him move into the building, the landlord wants to ensure that he will be able to pay the rent on time. Another very important scenario where this salary certificate is used is when you apply for credit or loan and the bank wants to see your employment details to approve or reject your loan application.

Free Salary Certificate Templates:

Here are previews and download links for these free Salary Certificate Templates in MS Word format,

Salary Certificate Template 05

The download link for this Salary Certificate Template 05 is here,

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Salary Certificate Template 04

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Salary Certificate Template 03

You can download this Salary Certificate Template 03 in MS Word format from the link below,

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Salary Certificate Template 02

The download link for this Salary Certificate Template 02 is below,

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Salary Certificate Template 01

Here is the download link for this Salary Certificate Template 01,

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Guidelines to create salary certificate:

  1. Details of the employee and employer/company:
    Relevant details i.e. full name of the employee, his contact information, phone number, email address, and residential address are some of the most common details that are added on the salary certificate. Along with that, you should also mention the name of the employer and the company name where the individual is working.
  2. Date of issuance:
    There should be a specific date on which the salary certificate was issued upon request of the employee. Along with the date of issuance, you should also mention the period for which you are issuing the salary certificate i.e. from 1st January to 31st
  3. Employment details:
    Although this is a salary certificate it also includes relevant details of the employee. Details such as; date of joining, duration of employment, current designation and pay scale in the company, department and division within the organization, details of most recent promotion and increment, and any other details that are relevant.
  4. Details of the salary:
    This portion starts with the net salary of the employee along with the per hourly rate if it’s applicable. In some cases, the individual is asked to specifically provide his per-hour rate while working as a full-time employee while most commonly, a lump sum salary figure for the entire month is more than enough. The employer should mention the deductions, compensations, added bonuses, commissions, and other benefits that are not part of the basic salary i.e. target achieve the bonus, travel compensation, overtime, etc. at the bottom of this section, there should be a precise figure saying gross salary of the employee after all additions and deductions.
  5. Signature of the authorized person:
    At the end of the certificate when everything is included and all the details are completed, it’s time to get it signed. The salary certificate is printed on company letterhead and it’s official enough but still, there is the need to get it signed by someone authorized in the organization i.e. in the HR department or finance department.