18 Free Sample Medical Certificate Templates

Medical Certificate Templates

Download these 18 Free Sample Medical Certificate Templates in MS Word Format to help you design and print your own Medical Certificate easily. Medical Certificates are of great significance for many reasons. Students and employees use these document to survive in many cases. In fact, this the only life-line left when they are on the … Read more

18 Free Sample Warranty Certificate Templates

Even a domestic shopper, who buys household products from a mart he usually goes to, will look for a warranty certificate in the products sold to him. When the shopkeeper assures him that the product comes with warranty included, the customer with blind trust on the retailer purchases the product. Some of them will ask … Read more

13 Free Sample Basketball Certificate Templates

Games are always healthy for living a balanced life style. Reaping the benefits of indoor games, the basketball stands out among all others. Playing basketball does not just bring appreciation and motivation to you, but to your team, coaches, and institution. While games bring happiness and courage in your life, it also helps you get … Read more

11 Free Sample Participation Certificate Templates

Download these¬†11 Free Sample Participation Certificate Templates to help you prepare your own Participation Certificate easily. Moreover, you can also download our collection of Attendance Certificate Templates. It is very important to acknowledge the efforts of the student, co-worker or any other person who has put in the competitive environment.¬† Many companies spend money on … Read more

10 Free Sample Bonafide Certificate Templates

Bonafide Certificate is a significant document granted by the School to confirm that the person has been studied in this school. The document will serve as a proof of the permanent residence of a person in a specific location. The certificate is granted by the governmental authority to issue a passport and other important formal … Read more