10 Free Notary Invoice Templates

Notary Invoice Templates

Download these 10 Free Notary Invoice Templates prepared using MS Word and MS Excel to assist our website visitors. The modern legal and court system has attained a level of sophistication and foolproofing methods. It is now a complex world of human activities and crimes and illegal activities are also being executed at a high … Read more

9 Free Sample Graphic Design Quotation Templates

A company that wants to introduce a new product in the market needs to come up with a new and unique advertisement idea for the publicity of its products. This manufacturing company can’t do the publicity work on their own but it gets help from outside, an advertisement agency. This happens when the advertisement is … Read more

18 Free Sample Cleaning Quotation Templates

Cleaning Quotation Templates

There was a time when males used to provide for their families and their wives just stayed at home and take care of the house and their children. Then time changed and women started doing jobs along with men in almost each type of business and industry. Now we see as many females in offices … Read more

9 Free Sample Catering Quotation Templates

Catering industry is generally explained as the business which provides food, beverages and other kind of services to individual and businesses for social events and family functions. There are many companies in this business; some of them just provide the food for small events where others provide food, beverages and other stuff such as tableware … Read more