Legally Binding Agreement Templates

Whenever you are required to have a relationship with your customer or vendor, you have to make an agreement. The agreement is the reality of the business. The agreements are legally valid and provide the full protection to the person. Any legally binding agreement should be acceptable by all the parties. It is the basic … Read more

12 Free Sample Legal Lease Agreement Templates

Lease agreement is such kind of agreement which binds the both owner and tenant. Verbal terms are good for trading and business relationship however, having written agreement also increases the validity of the agreement. While renting a property, the most important task is signing a lease agreement. Many landlords are not aware of signing the … Read more

13 Free Sample Private Label Agreement Templates

If you are here, you possibly want to go for a Private Label Agreement, but before that you must know what exactly is a Private label Agreement, it is a deed where products or services are manufactured or provided by one company, but are sold under another company’s brand or name. Such goods and services are … Read more

13 Free Sample Property Agreement Templates

A Property Agreement is a deed or legal agreement used for the purposes of selling, purchasing, mortgage, or rent, etc. or anything related to property in such matters. Agreement means that both the parties have a binding contract and cannot breech it without any proper or solid reason. If breached, the guilty party has to … Read more

9 Free Sample Memorandum Agreement Templates

When two individuals or companies want to work together on a joint venture or they want to achieve mutual goals for a project, they don’t just start the work without proper documentation. Instead, first a proper agreement is written and signed by the authorities from both sides. This agreement includes the particulars and all important … Read more

10 Free Sample LLC Agreement Templates

It is quite obvious from the title that a LLC or Limited Liability Company is established because it has minimum number of Liabilities as compared to a corporation or partnership. In simple words, when we talk about a LLC company, it’s the least complicated design for an organization. On one hand, you can benefit from … Read more

9 Free Sample Maintenance Agreement Templates

Between a client or customer and a professional service provider, a contract is written in order to make sure that both parties understand each other’s rights and obligations. This contract is known as the Maintenance Agreement. If you buy electric equipment, you will get a warranty card with the purchase that will bind the seller … Read more

12 Free Sample Professional Farm Land Lease Agreement Templates

In order to ensure that your farm will stay productive when you will hand it over to any tenant, you are required to have an agreement with the tenant which is called professional farm lease agreement. You can list down all the expectations which a tenant and landlord hold regarding this agreement. The obligations of … Read more