06 Free Printable Box Templates

Download these 06 Free Printable Box Templates in MS Word Format to help you prepare and print your very own Printable Boxes quickly and easily. You can also download Printable Bat Templates as a freebie.

Are you tired of the same old bland boxes for your gifts or products? Printable box templates might just be the creative solution you need. They give an exceptional manner to feature a customized touch on your packaging without the problem of complex designs or high-priced customization. In this way, we’ll dig into the arena of printable box templates, delving into their versatility, application, and how they can transform your packaging wishes.

What are Printable Box Templates?

Printable box templates are predesigned patterns that can be easily printed, cut, and assembled to create boxes of various shapes and sizes. These templates are available in digital formats, regularly in PDF or photograph files, permitting customers to print them on their preferred paper and customize them in line with their wishes.

Advantages of Printable Box Templates

Cost-Effective: Unlike custom-made packaging, printable box templates significantly reduce expenses as they eliminate the need for specialized design services or costly materials.

Easy Customization: Users can personalize these templates with different colors, patterns, and add-ons, tailoring them to suit specific occasions or branding requirements.

Exploring Different Types

From simple cube-shaped boxes to intricate hexagonal or pyramidal designs, printable box templates offer a vast array of options to cater to diverse needs and preferences.

Customization Options

Size Variation: Templates are available in assorted sizes, accommodating various items, from small trinkets to larger gifts or products.

Design Elements: Users can incorporate their logos, images, or messages, making each box a unique representation of their brand or individuality.

Free Printable Box Templates

Here are several free printable box templates to suit your needs. Please feel free to download all of the ones most suitable for your requirements.

Printable Box Template 01


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Printable Box Template 02

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Printable Box Template 03

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Printable Box Template 04

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Printable Box Template 05

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Printable Box Template 06

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How to Use Printable Box Templates?

Using these templates is a straightforward process. Print the template, cut along the edges, fold along the lines, and secure the tabs. Voila! Your customized box is ready for use.

Creative Applications

Printable box templates extend beyond just packaging. They function as creative tools for DIY projects, birthday party favors, home company, and extra.

Printable Box Templates in Events & Celebrations

Weddings & Parties: Create memorable experiences by crafting personalized favor boxes or unique gift packaging for guests.

Holidays: Add jovial cheer by designing custom boxes for vacation gifts, spreading joy and warmth.

Where to Find Printable Box Templates?

Numerous online platforms offer a wide range of free and premium printable box templates, catering to various themes and purposes.

Tips for Printing & Assembly

Ensure the best results by using quality paper, adjusting printer settings, and following precise cutting and folding instructions.

Ensuring Durability

For sturdier boxes, opt for thicker paper stock or reinforce critical areas with adhesive for prolonged use.

Environmental Sustainability

Choosing recyclable or biodegradable materials promotes eco-conscious packaging practices, reducing environmental impact.

Crafting Personalized Gifts

Transform ordinary gifts into extraordinary ones by designing and assembling substantiated boxes. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or a sincere gesture, these custom boxes add a redundant layer of lovingness.

Organizational Solutions

Beyond gift-giving, printable box templates are fantastic for organizing spaces. Create custom containers for stationery, accessories, or any small items that need tidying up.

Educational Purposes

In classrooms or homeschool settings, these templates serve as engaging tools for projects, storing educational materials, or even creating unique teaching aids.


Printable box templates empower individuals and businesses alike to elevate their packaging game creatively and economically. These universal tools offer endless possibilities for customization, making every box a canvas for expression.