9 Free Sample Anniversary Party Invitation Templates

Celebrating invitation is the most beautiful event of someone’s life. After one year of successful event, people celebrate anniversary in the memories of that event. They also remember the day, the circumstances and all other things related to that event. People celebrate anniversary of weddings as well. A wedding anniversary is such an event which … Read more

8 Free Sample Dinner Party Invitation Templates

Every other day, we meet our friends and family for different reasons one of which is dinner invitations. We are often invited on dinners for different purposes or just to spend time together. Whatever the reason is, one duty has to be abided by, i.e. inviting guests. When a person invites others for a dinner, … Read more

9 Free Sample Holiday Wish List Templates

Once again, the holiday season is ahead and a number of people are these days planning for lots of fun and enjoyment for their holidays. Well, it’s your right to make plans for your holidays because these are the days that will help you shedding all your extra pounds that you gained in the busy … Read more

10 Free Sample Bonafide Certificate Templates

Bonafide Certificate is a significant document granted by the School to confirm that the person has been studied in this school. The document will serve as a proof of the permanent residence of a person in a specific location. The certificate is granted by the governmental authority to issue a passport and other important formal … Read more

7 Free Sample Dinner Menu Templates

Menu is a list of items from which one can choose according to his preferences. But here menu means a list of food items that any restaurant or a food chain offers. There can be variety of items that any restaurant offers ranging from traditional to continental. Also there are restaurants and cafes that serve … Read more

9 Free Sample Housing Loan Contract Templates

The strategic ways through which borrowers can cultivate their sense of handling house loans and set themselves for paybacks require understanding of the home loan agreement content. The core problem in handling those home loan issues is finding a good resource to handle them. Once you find a good resource to let you understand the … Read more

8 Free Sample Basketball Score Sheet Samples

Basketball is a very common game in USA and Europe and it’s very popular among school, college and university students. There are also national teams of basketball that play domestically with other states and there are international leagues of basketball as well where teams of different countries play with each other. Basically it is a … Read more

8 Free Sample Wrestling Score Sheet Samples

Wrestling is a sport or game in which two opponents fight with each other in a ring. The basic idea behind this game is grappling the other opponent and forcing him to the ground. This is done with a certain list of rules and regulations and there are couples of rounds in each match and … Read more