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06 Free Marketing Plan Templates

Download these 06+ Free Marketing Plan Templates in MS Word prepared by our staff to assist our website visitors in preparing their own Marketing Plan quickly. You can also check our posts on Market Analysis Report Templates and Product Schedule Templates.

Companies and organizations take extra precautions while reaching their goals. One of the most important and crucial jobs of upper management is to ask the middle managers to implement an effective marketing plan. A marketing plan as the name suggests is a document outlining the strategies, tactics, planning, and policies for reaching out to new customers and markets, expanding business beyond the limits increasing profits, and generating more revenues. For instance, a marketing plan might outline that the company needs to focus on the budget they allocate for advertisement in the local newspapers and they need to switch to television if they want to reach new markets.

Another marketing plan might suggest that the company needs to first enhance the level of their services and then advertise the offers in a different perspective so the ambiguity is removed and the clients will understand the key message better. In simple words, a marketing plan is a written document explaining what the company will earn in the next year or quarter and how the management can change this and earn even more profit. For creating a marketing plan, you can either prepare a new plan or go with ready-to-use templates available on the internet.

Key Elements of a Marketing Plan:

  • Marketing goals
  • Business goals
  • Key message
  • Audience
  • Tactics
  • Execution Strategies
  • Timing and timeline
  • Required Budget
  • Roles and responsibilities

Free Marketing Plan Templates:

Here are the preview and download links for these Free Marketing Plan Templates in MS Word format.

Marketing Plan Template 01

You can download this Marketing Plan Template 01 in MS Word format from the link below.

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Marketing Plan Template 02

If you like this Marketing Plan Template 02 and want to download it, please click on the button below.

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Marketing Plan Template 03

Here is the download link for this Marketing Plan Template 03 in MS Word format inside a ZIP file.

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Marketing Plan Template 04

Please click on the download button below to download this Marketing Plan Template 04 inside a ZIP file.

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Marketing Plan Template 05

Here is the download link for this Marketing Plan Template 05,

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Marketing Plan Template 06

Please download this Marketing Plan Template 06 in MS Word format for the link below,

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Benefits of using Marketing Plan Template:

There might be dozens of benefits for using business templates i.e. marketing plan templates but perhaps the most important benefit is that by using these readymade formats, you can save a lot of time. If saving time is not a big deal for you, you can consider using saved time for something more important. This way we can say that these templates allow more efficient use and management of time while creating business templates and sheets. A marketing plan is very important and has crucial importance for the overall business and working of the company but it’s also a fact that creating a marketing plan will take hours or even days in some cases where you need to be more creative. For those occasions, it might be a good idea to go with a marketing plan template instead of creating one from scratch.

Creating this document from zero would require at least 2-3 people who might postpone important tasks or assignments for completing the marketing plan. By using the readymade template, you can allow them to just put the required data and information in the premade design and return to their regular assignments in no time. In the same manner, while you use these readymade templates, you can also rely on the variety of designs and formats. When you create this marketing plan yourself, you might have limited imagination and you can’t come up with more than 3-4 designs or formats but when you take a look at the designs available on the internet, you will be amazed to see how many choices are there for you to select from. You might think that in order to fulfill specific requirements, you need to create the sheet yourself but you should know that readymade templates are also editable. If you don’t like the design, you can make small tweaks or changes.